Care Plans and Assessments

Senior Haven RCF boasts one of the most detailed, individualized assessment tools in the industry. Our registered nurses, with decades of working with seniors, know exactly which questions to ask and observations to make in order to determine accurate care plans.

Those familiar with our business know that a majority of the activity at an assisted living or residential care facility goes unnoticed by visitors. A visitor might observe comfortable, happy residents at Senior Haven but not the hours spent making sure all their needs are met according to their individual care plan.

We document medical and lifestyle history, assess fall or elopement risk, determine level of assistance in daily activities such as toileting, medication administration, etc., manage special dietary needs, and much more. Furthermore, care plans are reevaluated at regular intervals and always if a change of condition occurs.

When you are ready to commit to moving into our retirement community, you can be assured that the assessment will result in a care plan suited to your loved one’s individual needs. It is important to have a qualified nurse perform these assessments, and Senior Haven takes pride in the quality of our nursing staff.

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