Meal Preparation

At Senior Haven RCF, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable dining staff who work diligently to ensure each resident’s nutritional needs are met. We support dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, diabetic, sugar-free, mechanical soft foods, puree, low-sodium, and more.

Our menu contains a variety of options that support good health and meet our residents’ high standards for quality and taste. Often, food preparation is one of the most challenging activities for seniors who take care of themselves at home. There is a lot of complexity to making daily meals: traveling to grocery stores, finding affordable ingredients, creating healthy meals in appropriate portions, etc. When these daily tasks are ignored, health can decline rapidly. Nutrition is a common reason why families initiate discussions with their loved ones about moving into an assisted living facility. 

Nutrition not plays a key role in maintaining health, but it also is an important social event. Our residents enjoy three exquisitely decorated and spacious dining areas. Meals are planned, prepared and served three times per day in a relaxed, comfortable environment, and tables seat up to four residents who can enjoy meaningful conversations around the table.

If you are considering a retirement home, please take into consideration meal preparation and the quality of food as an important decision-making factor. Senior Haven RCF will certainly impress you with our dining services team.

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