Medication Management

While medications are increasingly more effective in improving quality of life, they can also be complicated and intimidating. Organizing a variety of pills and liquids can be overwhelming to someone managing their own meds. That is why highly trained medication technicians, or “med-techs”, are a critical part of Senior Haven RCF’s services.

At Senior Haven, we partner with a local pharmacy with years of seniors housing experience supplying the correct medications on time at all times. With state-of-the-art eMAR technology,  our med techs are able to ensure accurate dosages are given at the prescribed times. Our experienced nurses also work with prescribers to ensure the medications have the desired results.

We always deliver medications with the resident’s authorization, and we monitor administration of meds electronically to ensure no mistakes are made. As you make a decision where your loved one will reside, it is important that the community has a robust medication management program like Senior Haven RCF.

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