Personal Hygiene

Senior Haven RCF employs and trains caring, professional caregivers to address personal hygiene needs for our residents. Whether the task can be performed independently or with assistance, our staff understands every body-type’s unique demands, and we ensure these tasks are performed regularly in a careful, dignified manner.

As we age, it is important to ensure proper and regular personal hygiene. These activities can become more difficult the older we get, such as showering, grooming, toileting, foot care, and dental care (periodontics). In our experience, seniors will often neglect personal hygiene rather than ask for help, because it can be embarrassing sharing these activities with someone else. Neglect of personal hygiene can have negative repercussions for an individual’s overall health and well-being. That is why a personalized care plan including hygiene is a part of our program at Senior Haven RCF.

At Senior Haven RCF, we understand the sensitive nature of hygienic tasks and we take great measures to ensure the dignity of our residents. Our care staff are trained to perform these tasks efficiently and in a way that makes the resident feel comfortable. Personal hygiene may seem like a small task for many people, but to us it is a critical component toward a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.

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