Senior Haven

Care Needs Assessment

One of the most critical components of the residential care process is the nurse’s care assessment. An carefully completed assessment results in a precise record of the resident’s condition.  Numerous categories, such as mobility, grooming, laundry service and much more are addressed.

Senior Haven has a staff Registered Nurse performing these assessments at certain intervals before and throughout the resident’s stay. From these assessments a care plan, also called a service plan is created through collaboration with the nurse, resident and resident representative. These written plans ensure expectations are met for all the levels and types of care being provided.

It is also not uncommon for residents’ healthcare needs to change between regularly scheduled assessment intervals.  In those situations the care team will communicate with the resident and their representative to negotiate an improved and more up-to-date service plan.

Senior Haven and its nursing staff has years of experience perfecting care assessments and service plans, ensuring the best care possible is provided. This important piece of residential care should be integral to one’s decision which community in which to reside.