Senior Haven

Personal Hygiene

Senior Haven takes very seriously the task of providing regularly scheduled comfortable and dignified body care.  From hair to toenails, our experienced care managers know how to groom and pamper our residents in the most respectful way possible.

The personal hygiene needs of seniors can be a sensitive or even embarrassing issue.  Not only do grooming and hygiene needs get more complicated as our bodies age, but a person’s ability to meet those needs by one’s self diminishes.  This is why a caregiver relationship is so important.  Trust between the resident and their caregivers is vital for even the smallest of tasks.

At Senior Haven, we make sure our residents are comfortable with the person providing personal hygiene and the services are provided discretely and efficiently. The goal is for the resident to feel as independent as possible while having a trusted helper nearby.

Personal Hygiene services we provide include:

  • hair and scalp care
  • ear care
  • teeth and gum care
  • skin and wound care
  • nail care
  • incontinence care
  • bathing and showering
  • toileting