Senior Haven

“I have some experience with care facilities for my Mom and I could not be happier than I am with Senior Haven. I would give 10 stars if it were an option. My Mom needed some special care and she got it…The staff is amazing. The owners, administrators, med techs…Everyone! You can really tell when people in this industry truly care and Senior Haven does. My wife and I spent a lot of time at Senior Haven with our Mom so we got to see firsthand how they treat the seniors who live there. The staff was responsive, easy to reach by phone or in person when needed and my Mom loved them which is the most important part. If you are in need of an awesome place for a loved one do yourself a favor and go visit…Meet see staff, tour the facility etc. I would use their services again in a heartbeat. THANK YOU Lena, Sabrina, Michelle, Manny, Tom, Leanna and Pat…I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Love ya all, Kurt Nilsen.”
- Google Review
“My mother lived at Senior Haven for just under a year, and our family could not be happier with the care she received. From the owner to the Administrator to staff providing the day-to-day care, we felt so fortunate that she considered Senior Haven home. The staff were truly compassionate and provided incredible care. If we could offer a 6-star review, we would–we were that happy with the care received...”
- Kristine P 09/2019, Google Review
“My grandfather spent the last two and a half weeks of his life here, and honestly I could not have hoped for a better, more present, loving staff to ease his pain as he passed. They did everything they could for him, worked with his every need, and made sure that he wasn’t in pain. They encouraged me to decorate his room with pictures, let me come on my 3am lunch breaks to hold his hand, and cared for him with love and dignity. I was grateful for them then, and two years later I am still grateful for them. They were kind, present, so easy to work with, and beyond helpful. Thank you Sabrina and everyone at Senior Haven!.”
- Amy Bunker 2/2019, Google Review